Monday, April 25, 2016

5: Human Digestive System

I figured I wrote so much about about my English classes. Actually I am majoring in Physics. Because there are enough Physics teachers when I was first posted at the school, I was asked to teach Science lower form instead. And that sticks with me until now. I had to teach English since last year and I found that very challenging, that is one of the catalyst force for me to write this blog.

So, for Science, this activity was done last March. I found that students always think that learning about the digestive system is so 'far' from their reality. So to make them feel relatable, I asked each group to make something that they can wear, like an apron or clothes, out of mahjong paper. I hope by doing this and labelling them together with the students, they are able to feel close and in the end will master the topic.

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