Monday, April 25, 2016

4: Sequence Connectors Activity

Yesterday was a lesson on Sequence Connectors. The students had to 'host' their own cooking show. I asked them to bring all items needed for presenting their recipe but everything must not be cooked (or cooked at home) so they just needed to assemble their menu in class.

Among the menu that they prepared were Fruit Salads, Scrambled Egg with Sausages, Beef Burger, Chicken Sandwich and Egg Sandwich. They wrote down their recipe with the emphasize on using the sequence connectors on a mahjong paper. One student will host and another group member will 'assemble' their recipe according to the steps being read.

As expected, the students were cooperating well at first but as the first group finished presenting, they were eager to eat whatever they had prepared although I had reminded them that they can only eat after all groups finish presenting. But oh well. Students are students...

Class control is still an issue for me. But I am satisfied with how the students are able to apply the sequence connectors in their essay. At the end of the class I reminded them to rewrite their recipe in their essay exercise book.

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