Wednesday, April 13, 2016

3: Canteen Day Role Play

Alhamdulillah done role-playing with 2 classes 1B2 and 1C1. But all these pictures are from 1C1

Overall it was, havoc! Class control was the most worrisome part for me. But my husband commented that "Kalau buat aktiviti memanglah bising, baru nampak participation pelajar" . Yes he is also a teacher. I do agree with him but right now the mind set for the administrative people up there is kelas bising = failed class control. I tried to minimize their 'screaming' but it was literally PASAR! haha..

But I could see the effort of students trying their best speaking english albeit not perfectly. There were joking around as well so that took all the awkward away when talking compared to when I asked them to talk in front of the class formally. The students were focused on buying and selling, getting the things that they wanted that they completely ignored their or their friends mistakes.

I think this is the most important part. Our students are not so bad in English but they were hindered by their emotion, thinking too much of what others would think. And their friends are not cooperating as well. They never fail to make fun of each other.

Anyway, the students had fun role-playing and the fact that they made such huge effort in making up the money and food items, I was quite touched.

I hope they will continue to have more confidence in speaking English and will always think that English is fun!

Group 1 stall. Look at their food items! all beautifully hand-drawn and coloured!

Group 2, boys.. black and white but great idea of menu presentation! people will only need to choose then they will take out the order

Group 3 boys. The most behaved boys in class :D

Group 4 The food are all colored as well! andddd they even laminated their menu!

Group 5 took extra effort in labelling and they even have posters reminding their friend to speak english

Some close-ups


No one entertaining this customer.

Choosing what to buy and looking at the price

The winning group. They gained the most profit from their sales.

At the end of the class, I asked them to write a journal entry about their experience that day. I hope I can see their reflection and learn more about their thinking process.

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